Name: Nick Siegel
Company: Bridge Development Partners
Position:  Vice President
Age:  29
Education: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate and Finance.
Years in Real Estate:  7

  1. What led you to work in the Real Estate industry? Describe your current responsibilities:
    I was a real estate major in college and I had the opportunity to intern for the CBRE National Partners the summer after my junior year of college.  I loved the industry right away and was fortunate to become a full time analyst on that same team once I graduated.  I started at Bridge in early 2015 as an analyst and have been involved in several of our markets across the country.  In my current role at Bridge, I oversee the Chicago market and manage the day-to-day activities of each of our Chicagoland projects, including development, leasing, acquisitions and dispositions.

  2. Who has been the biggest influence in your career?
    I’ve been so lucky to have so many great mentors and positive influences in my career. My dad is an industrial real estate broker in Milwaukee, and it’s been fun being able to talk to him about my career as I grow and learn more.  Bridge is such a great place to work and the senior principals at the company have all taken such a great interest in my development.  Specifically, Steve Poulos, Steve Groetsema and Tony Pricco are three guys who I look up to and who have taught me so much.

  3. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
    I truly love what I do and am so happy working with the people at our company.  I hope that continues for as long as possible and that I continue to do my part to help Bridge grow and evolve as a company.

  4. How long have you been involved with NAIOP and what do you view as the benefits of your NAIOP Developing Leader membership?
    I’ve been a NAIOP member since I started working. I think NAIOP is the best commercial real estate organization in Chicago.  The monthly events are always educational and focused, and they also have the best networking opportunities within our industry.

  5. What are the three most important qualities you think a real estate young professional should possess?
    Work hard, be a good listener, come in every day with a positive attitude and willingness to work with others.

  6. What is the best piece of professional advice you have been given? Treat every single person you meet with the same level of respect and kindness, no matter what you think they can or cannot do for you.

  7. What networking advice can you offer young professionals to help advance their careers?
    Attend as many networking and industry events as possible.

  8. Outside of work, how do you enjoy spending your time?
    I like to hang out with my family and friends and enjoy all the great restaurants that Chicago has to offer.

  9. What might someone be surprised to know about you?
    I’ve done a lot of backpacking and canoeing trips across the country and in Canada, and I once led a 9-day canoeing trip on a remote chain of lakes in Canada called Lake Isinglass.